In light of the recent progress of computer animation , it is interesting to consider the question whether so -powerful three-dimensional animation ? Whether it is able to displace the traditional market , making the latest exotic or ” an underground ” kind of animation , like so relatively unpopular forms as plasticine ? Continue reading

The main disadvantage of flash- applications – Excessive CPU load associated with inefficiency virtual machine Flash Player. Although it should be noted that in some cases there is insufficient and the optimization of their flash- application developers to use so-called ” generators » flash- applications. Continue reading

Flash- technology , or as they are called, technology interactive web animation , developed by Macromedia and combined in a multitude of powerful technological solutions in the field of multimedia presentation . Orientation to vector graphics as the main development tool flash- enabled programs to implement all the basic elements of multimedia: movement, sound and interactivity objects. Continue reading

Adobe Flash ( formerly Macromedia Flash), or simply Flash (/ flæʃ /), in Russian often write flash or flash ) – Adobe’s multimedia platform for building Web applications or multimedia presentations. Widely used to create banners , animations, games, and play on the web pages of video and audio recordings. Continue reading

First word ” pixel” began to be used in the descriptions of the parameters of monitors , which the screen has a kind of ” grit ” , consisting of many points, activated by a cathode ray tube . Generally pixel – this abbreviation of picture element, which translates as ” picture element ” . Continue reading